Bal'a dash, malanore.


I would like to welcome you to an idea of unity within the Greater Horde Community, the overall goal for the reformation of the Sunsworn..

If you feel the drive for unity, direction, and devotion, more than the mindless meandering around Azeroth, or if you wish to eradicate the Alliance threat upon our homelands, then I strongly urge you to seek out the Sunsworn Remnant,, acknowledging that you are one of but many seeking to fall under a greater calling of balance, unity, guardianship, and peace.

If you find yourself ready to join arms in an attempt to defend Quel’thalas and other Horde territories, to defend the innocent, or to rise up against Alliance threat, then let us join together! Let us be sworn to assist and protect our innocent from destruction. Let us train together in better technique and organization.

Whether you are intrigued with our offer, or merely curious, please fill out an application attached to the left of my letter, making sure to explain your intent with The Sunsworn. After your application is submitted, a representative will seek you out for a formal interview to discuss your interest.

We look forward to hearing from all who seek a higher calling toward the unification of the Greater Horde Community.

Until we meet, al diel shala.


Nephilium T. Sundance, Ambassador and Advisor to the Sunsworn Remnant